www.0044.co.uk was the first website in the UK to specialise in mobile phone roaming solutions. Their range of international prepaid sim cards allows travellers to avoid roaming charges and save up to 80%.

Truphone Local Anywhere is the one smart SIM that saves money and keeps customers local, home and away. With the new ‘Truphone Local Anywhere’ SIM card, customers only pay what locals pay for calls, text and data in all the countries where Truphone operates.

Benefits customers receive when purchasing a Truphone Local Anywhere SIM card:
- Local call rates in Truphone countries: A UK traveller in the US calling a US number on their mobile pays only 10p/min, vs. £1.49/min standard mobile operator rate.
- Local contact numbers in Truphone countries: Receive calls on your mobile wherever you are at local rates for them, at no additional cost to you.
- Low-Cost international calling: Make international calls at home or abroad with savings of more than 90% over standard mobile operator charges.
- Low-cost roaming: When roaming in non-Truphone countries get savings of up to 70% over standard mobile operator charges.

Unlimited International Calls
to 50 Countries!

Start saving on your international calls

As international call rates have continued to reduce further and further we took the decision that an inclusive international calling service would be attractive to customers. People are now familiar with call plans, add-ons and boosts and we believe that Call Cheap International Unlimited will be used in a similar way!

How to use Call Unlimited:

Summary of Just Dial Unlimited:
Price Point
£10 (Pre Pay)
Billing Mechanism
Premium Rate Text Message (PSMS) Mobile Terminating (MT)
Billing Frequency
30 days
Short Code
81020 with Keyword "FRESH"
Available on Networks
O2 - orange - T-Mobile - Vodafone
Excluded Networks
Virgin mobile
Access Method
0207 only

Customer Experience Overview

Customer sends request SMS to £10 Shortcode (charged at Standard Network Rate)
Customer receives 'Free to User' (FTU) Message containing Product Information (PayphonePlus Requirement)
Customer Opts into service by responding with 'AGREE' (or variation of AGREE to show acceptance of service).
Customer receives Billed MT PSMS £10
Customer can make calls to destinations included in package for duration of package - subject to fair usage policy*.
30 Days after previous successful PSMS a new PSMS MT Billed message is sent (occurs every 30 days) until STOP command is received.
Next Call Package period starts on day 31 (which is now day 1 of new period)
Customer will receive a monthly FTU message containing Product Information (PPP Requirement)
The customer can only subscribe to the service once in the same period from the same mobile number. If they send a second request; a free message will be sent to advise that they have subscribed already. (Similar to the existing exceeded daily limit message).

International Calls for 1p/min

The following destinations will are included in the Just Dial Unlimited Call Package. We recommend that you include some text on your promotional material such as 'please check your destination is included in the call package before subscribing to our service'.

The Individual destinations shown are available with our call package and are correct at 01/12/2010. Destinations are subject to change at any time; see below for the destinations available at the time of your call. Calls to mobiles are not included unless explicitly stated.


Argentina Hong Kong Portugal
Australia Hong Kong Mobile Puerto Rico
Belgium Hungary Russia (Moscow)
Brazil (Rio & Sao Paulo) India Russia (St Petersburg)
Canada India Mobile Singapore
Canada Mobile Ireland Singapore Mobile
Chile Santiago Israel Korea (South)
China Italy Spain
China Mobile Luxembourg Sweden
Colombia (Bogota) Malaysia Switzerland
Colombia (Cali) Mexico (Guadalajara) Taiwan
Cyprus (South) Mexico (Mexico City) Thailand
Denmark Netherlands Thailand Mobile
France New Zealand Turkey (Istanbul)
Germany Norway UK
Greece Poland USA inc. Mobile


Just Dial Unlimited

  • You must have the bill payer’s permission before using our service
  • Text from 81020 costs £10 plus your standard mobile network rates for the request message and is charged by your service provider
  • Our service is a subscription service and you will be charged £10 every 30 days; you may opt out at anytime by sending ‘STOP’ to 81020.
  • Our service can only be used from the mobile number used for the subscription to our service.
  • Calls to our 0207 access number will be charged by your service provider at their standard rate or included in your call package.
  • Our service is not available to Virgin Mobile customers.
  • For Customer Services please call 0844 552 8575
  • Service provided by New Call Telecom Ltd

What is Unlimited?

Unlimited is an inclusive call package that will be paid for by Premium Rate Text Message. The customer will be able to make unlimited* calls to 50 destinations for a period of 30 days.

*Fair Usage Policy

Calls made as part of the Just Dial Unlimited will have a maximum duration of sixty (60) minutes. Following expiry of sixty (60) minutes your call will be terminated. To continue your call simply redial. No more than four (4) hours of calls per day is permitted. Calls attempted beyond four (4) hours in a single day will be barred until the next day.

Customer Opt-Out

A STOP Command will result in the customer opting out of the service. Any message with STOP will stop further MT billed messages being sent. If the customer has a current subscription they will be able to use service to make calls until end of existing period. Customer can opt back by sending a new request and completing the subscription agreement process.